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  • It's reasonable to assume each page on a site will need to be listed in some kind of site map or 'Navigator'.

  • Each page on a site should have the same aesthetics

  • Where funtionality is intended to be consistent, it should be!

  • Generating this consistency is too tedious for humans. We have better things to do.

The logic behind a site's layout (which most people feel is intuitive) is the very logic which allows us to get the computer to work out parts of the site for us. We don't want to be messing around trying to generate a consistent feel for a site by making sure every detail is the same (where appropriate) on every page. This isn't for humans. Its for computers to do.

Here's an example :

Each page that you create needs some link to it in order for it to be found. So, every page that you create is listed on the 'Navigator' (a menu, normally on the left of the screen).

As you create new pages, links to those pages are generated and added to the Navigator.

Sometimes a page will have content which leads to further content. In this case, a 'sub-page' can be created. Links to these sub-pages are listed on the right of the 'main' page.

The order in which the pages are listesd on the navigators can be changed by entering a 'Sort Order'. This is an index number (or letter .. anything you like) which determines the order in which the navigator links appear.
"Using TheWebbery's facility has made our lives so much easier. Doug is a great guy to work with too."

- Ian, Rattlesnake Suitcase (rock band)

"Using this facility, I can make the changes I like when I want them changed. I don't have to give way to anyone else's deadlines. Marvellous."
- Debbie, TheWholesaleKitchenCompany

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