Self-Building Web Facilities


Web facilities already set up using this method.

Each of these sites is editable by the user, with no extra software required.
Betty Bashall Toys
Lindesays Estate Agency Editable website with drop-down menu hierarchy- all self maintaining
TheWebbery This site is completely editable (if you know the password!)
Lotus Domino site:
SKP Rock Band website featurning online calendar gig planner
Imperial Kitchens Ltd Online catalogue and shop - all pages and product lists & prices editable by the 'shopkeeper' with no extra software required..

VetBe - Belgian Veterinary service site
Kristek - precision engineering site.

All sites editable online and maintained by he client
"Using TheWebbery's facility has made our lives so much easier. Doug is a great guy to work with too."

- Ian, Rattlesnake Suitcase (rock band)

"Using this facility, I can make the changes I like when I want them changed. I don't have to give way to anyone else's deadlines. Marvellous."
- Debbie, TheWholesaleKitchenCompany

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